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Help us Advocate for the Sonoran Desert

Friends of the Sonoran Desert interacts with Federal and State agencies to weigh in on how to best protect the Sonoran Desert. We meet with agencies in charge of land management and wildlife conservation in the region (Department of Defense, the U.S. Border Patrol, the Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arizona Game and Fish Department, and the National Park Service) and these meetings are open to the public.

At the last meeting held in Ajo, AZ in December, 2017, we continued our discussion about the spread of invasive plant species, such as the non-native Sahara Mustard, in the Sonoran Desert. The Department of Defense and and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reported on research and efforts to contain this invasive plant.

FSD also reported on its progress in establishing a database of scientific research on the impact of border barriers on wildlife movements. Our goal is to implement border security measures that neither harm wildlife NOR negatively affect border security. Sound stewardship of our natural resources, based on the best available science, is not mutually exclusive with maintaining a secure border.

Watch this space for the next meeting open to the public in which Sonoran Desert stewardship will be addressed. Please plan to attend!

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