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Your donation will help fund our work to conserve and protect the Sonoran Desert. Please send us a message if you would like to select the program you wish your donation to fund:  advocacy, science, or stewardship. With a donation of $75 or more, you will receive a free copy of our fabulous new book, The Astonishing, Astounding, Amazing Sonoran Desert.


We are in the fight of our lives to save the Sonoran Desert. Laws have been waived that protect our environment, funds meant to provide for the needs of our military have been commandeered from the Department of Defense, and Congress’s decision to limit funding for a new border wall has been ignored. Perhaps of most concern is that laws requiring the government to solicit citizen input concerning projects on public lands have been voided. Your donation will fund our efforts to prevent the construction of a wall that will bisect vital desert parks, reserves, and refuges (such as the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, and the San Pedro Conservation Area) that sustain wildlife, Native American tribes, and border communities.


FRIENDS OF THE SONORAN DESERT has compiled the Tinaja Database, the largest, most comprehensive database available on how border barriers impact wildlife and their movements, including migration. We have offered our database to government agencies responsible for building the wall (Dept. of Homeland Security; U.S. Customs and Border Patrol), so that the information it contains could be used to plan a barrier less harmful to wildlife, although we have had no takers. Now we are making our database available to 1) attorneys filing law suits to stop the wall; 2) members of Congress who could use our summaries of scientific data to make powerful arguments against the wall; and 3) members of the press who wish to make our review of the scientific literature on border barriers available to the general public.


Our stewardship efforts have been applied in multiple areas. First, we have provided the Border Patrol and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with countless documents to educate both personnel and visitors to public lands about the conservation of the Sonoran Desert. Second, we have organized and hosted public and private meetings with officials from federal land management agencies to secure better stewardship. Third, we are working with colleagues and Arizona State government officials to identify stewardship initiatives for Sonoran Desert waters. Fourth, we are joining with other conservation organizations to fight projects that have the potential to harm local parks and refuges. Our most recent triumph was helping to protect the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge from a commercial construction project that could have negatively impacted this refuge.

Photo by Niccole Kowalski

Friends of the Sonoran Desert

P.O. Box 25592

Tempe, AZ  85285

P.O. Box 25592

Tempe, AZ. 85285

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