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The Astonishing, Astounding, Amazing

Sonoran Desert

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The Astonishing Astounding Amazing Sonoran Desert is an entertaining introduction to the Sonoran Desert ecosystem, perfect for visitors or residents who want a quick read to acquaint or reacquaint themselves with the Sonoran Desert and its wildlife. Vibrant full-page color illustrations capture the colors of the desert and the behavior of its wildlife.


You will learn about the keystone plants of the Sonoran Desert—legume trees and columnar cacti—and twenty species of animals with fascinating natural histories that are native to the desert. You will also learn about the threats to the Sonoran Desert and what you can do to protect this unique ecosystem.

All profits from this book will go to FRIENDS OF THE SONORAN DESERT, to fund its advocacy, science, and stewardship programs. Order from your local bookstore, or from Amazon. Anyone who makes a donation of $75 or greater to FRIENDS OF THE SONORAN DESERT will receive a free copy of this book as a thank you for your support. Please include your address with your donation so we can ship your book to you.

If you love the full-color illustrations in our book, click here to use them to create your own coffee mugs, tee shirts, and tote bags. All profits from these products go to FRIENDS OF THE SONORAN DESERT. 

About the authors

Andrew Smith is a conservation biologist and professor emeritus at Arizona State University. Harriet Smith is a psychologist and a student of animal behavior. Roni Alexander is a painter and graphic artist.

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