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Students learn about urban wildlife and water quality in metro-Phoenix

FSD board member, Beth Polidoro, is teaching students how to address real-life water quality and wildlife challenges in urban areas of the Sonoran Desert. Undergraduates from Arizona State University, K-12 students from the Phoenix Zoo ZooTeen Conservation Team, and several local Girl Scouts Troops are monitoring water quality and observing how wildlife use water resources across the city of Phoenix. All of our young participants will use their observations to develop community-based solutions for reducing urban runoff and water pollution. Students will then have the opportunity to present their recommendations to diverse audiences. Through this unique and innovative project, students will not only learn about career opportunities in water quality, environmental chemistry, toxicology, public health and conservation biology, they will also be taught how to work as a team and communicate their scientific findings to the public. And all participants will earn a new ASU-STEM badge for their efforts!

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